HDT is underpinned by its integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). HDT offers both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) services. The aggregation of data at scale and at pace is a continuous challenge faced by both businesses and consumers. The HDT iPaaS platform caters for both markets.
iPaaS for Business to Business

The iPaaS offers clients the ability to extract data from large numbers of disparate data sources and integrate this information into a centralised repository. This can be done at scale and at pace. We are fully conversant in resolving the questions around connectivity / access and data security our clients will initially have.
This approach is business vertical agnostic and can be used to benefit any business function where sufficiently curated data is not readily available.
The iPaaS solution is often used for projects such as supply chain analytics, customer analytics, warehouse management and profitability analysis.

iPaaS for Business to Consumer

The design of iPaaS incorporates the ability to confidentially receive, analyse and report customer based streaming data from a variety of sources including wearable devices and social media applications.

Applications in development in the Healthcare sector include dynamic cardio analysis using wearable ECG, heart rate and blood pressure data. This streaming data is analysed through our AI engine which will map correlations between received data and validated data sets providing the consumer with a higher level of insights in a timely manner.

Data Integration
The discipline comprising the architectural patterns, tools and methodologies that allow organizations to access, harmonize, transform, process and move data spanning various endpoints and across any infrastructure.
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